Do You Know CKEditor ???

Hello Friends I am Ankit, PHP Web Developer, After long time due to my University exams I could not post any blog. but anyways …Lets check this amazing things.

Today I am going to show you how you integrate an awesome editor to your website or web application. The name of that editor is CKEditor. Continue reading


2nd Thing to do with PHP

Hi friends ! Last time I discussed about one operation to do with PHP was how to insert record in database.

Now we will proceed next to cover 2nd thing to do with PHP, that is how to fetch or display the records stored on database in our webpage.

So let’s get started. Continue reading

Four things to do with PHP

Hi all, after a long time I am back with four important things to do with PHP. Last time I wrote I blog of on PHP The Open source. I hope you have gone through it. Friends remember.. If you want to be a php developer or you have to gain perfection in php then I am telling you, believe me no body can stop you to be PHP web developer if you understand the basic four things in PHP.
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PHP The open source

Hi friends ! I think you must have heard the name of PHP. Did you did you tried ever to know what is it ??? I know your answer is what. Ok if you know  then its fine and if you don’t know then this post is definitely for you. Now I will not take much of your time and coming directly to topic. Continue reading

How to make HTML text in shape of image.

Hi all ! Have you ever designed any web page? Some people can say “YES” and some can “NO”. This post is about for both types of peoples. If anybody designed web page may find trouble to make the web page text in shape of image.But you don’t worry here I have a solution for you.
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