My first WordCamp kanpur 2017

Hi guys, today its 9:31 PM. And I have done dinner very soon because I want to tell you the what I am feeling after attending the #WCKanpur 2017.
cropped-WordCamp-Kanpur-Banner.pngSo friends the WordCamp is the WordPress community that organized this event. There are many great persons were invited to say something useful to the upcoming developer.

And friends these are some names that I remembered like, Hardeep Asrani, Mohit Motwani and Alexander Gounder. These all are commonly WordPress developer but apart from, these all are having great  knowledge in their field. And  one by one everyone speaking something great. But friend you will not believe that when I was listening Alexander, then I got,  he started his journey from being  nothing  to everything.

And friends I saw there were  developers of approximately my age but I can’t compare myself with them because I am nothing ….friends nothing in front of them.

One thing I learned from today’s session is start contributing whatever you can or whatever you have in your hand.

So I am very keen to attend next interactive  session of WordCamp Kanpur 2018.

So friends enjoy yourself as you can and don’t forget to try to contribute.

Thanks you !!!


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