PHP The open source

Hi friends ! I think you must have heard the name of PHP. Did you did you tried ever to know what is it ??? I know your answer is what. Ok if you know  then its fine and if you don’t know then this post is definitely for you. Now I will not take much of your time and coming directly to topic.PHP the open source

PHP is the popular open source server side programming language. It works as bridge between web browser and server.

Why PHP ???

Since PHP is general purpose server side scripting language that acts as a mediator between browser and server. It is used to fetch data from server and display in the web pages. Facebook,Yahoo,Wikipedia and WordPress is built on PHP. Now you can understand how important PHP is.

Have  you ever made any dynamic website ? Dynamic means data is not manually written in web pages. With php you can do easily.

Who can use it and why ???

Now the question will be wondering in your mind that who can use it. I am saying everyone can use it its doesn’t matters whether you are student, beginners or developers.

Then next question may be, why we should use it when there are another thing for same task ??

The simple answer is, It is light weighted. Easy as compared to other like Python or Node js. I am not saying Python is bad. But if you have to build something small, medium or something big web app then it is easy to make in PHP as compared to others.

What are the prerequisites to learn ??

  • Basics of HTML and CSS
  • Basics of JavaScript.

Do you have previous experience about C or C++?? If yes then congratulations !!!

It will be very easy to learn PHP because its syntax is almost same as C and C++.                If you have any queries regarding PHP then just leave a comment I will surely reply.

Happy Coding !!! 🙂


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